Fanta Sea Double Ended Agate Roller with choice of Three Ships Serum
Fanta Sea Double Ended Agate Roller with choice of Three Ships Serum

Fanta Sea Double Ended Agate Roller with choice of Three Ships Serum

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This is quite a combination at a ridiculously great price! Get ready for a real treat with your new set your skin will feel smoother and more toned and you will feel more relaxed. Be sure to use this roller with wet skin and with your serum also. Do not use dry.

Agate Roller

Known for its healing properties, agate is perfect to use with massage, facial, pedicure, or reflexology treatments. The roller application helps to smooth, tone, and calm the body. Can be used chilled or heated. Features a small roller on one end and a longer roller on the other.

Dew Drops

Tremella mushroom is a natural source of hyaluronic acid - a super hydrator for your skin that replenishes moisture deep into skin. Kakadu Plum contains 100x more Vitamin C than oranges and helps to intensely brighten - making skin look healthier and plumper.

For all skin types - Brightening
Hydrate 49% Almond oil serum
Almond oil is rich in Omega-3s, which are essential fatty acids that assist in maintaining the skin’s lipid layer and retaining moisture. This serum also contains pumpkin oil and Vitamin E which deeply hydrate and nourish even the driest skin.
Dry/normal skin  -  Balances tone
Boost 49% Rosehip oil serum
Rosehip oil contains high levels of provitamin A and C, which restore skin elasticity and collagen and reduce skin damage. Combined with grapeseed and Vitamin E, this serum helps reduce wrinkles and discoloration.
Dry/normal skin - smooths fine lines
Glow 49% Jojoba oil serum
Jojoba oil is a light-weight and fast-absorbing botanical extract. With a nearly identical chemical structure to skin’s natural sebum, jojoba minimizes the appearance of pores and reduces excess oil. Vitamin E and camellia oil are added to this serum for extra hydration, giving skin a supple, dewy finish.
For oily/combo skin - minimizes pores