TIGI Copyright Care TIGI Copyright Care Moisture Conditioner

TIGI Copyright Care TIGI Copyright Care Moisture Conditioner

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This intensely moisturising system soothes dry, frizzy hair. Infused with our Colour Care Complex™, an expert blend of Keratin, Lipids and Coconut Oil, hair looks nourished and is left feeling dramatically more conditioned and soft.

  • Hair is 40% more conditioned and 54% smoother (Moisture system use vs non conditioning shampoo)
  • Hydrated and moisturised hair
  • Smooths and softens hair
  • Known to make the hair more manageable and vibrant, protecting hair against external aggressors

How To Use:

  • Apply to wet hair after using Custom Care™ Moisture Shampoo.
  • Work through mid-lengths to ends, leave on for 3-5 minutes then rinse.

Ingredients: Glycerine Draws in moisture during the washing process and holds on to it Behentrimonium Detangles and fights flyaways Chloride Colour Care Complex A unique blend of Coconut Oil, Keratin and organically sourced Lipids Copyright Care by TIGI are committed to delivering you the best products. Formulations change from time to time to improve product range.